Are you tired yet?

Rompt in the Park
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It is the second day and we are at a local park for a late lunch.  The women are still at the hospital.  Dad is racing his son trying to exhaust or at least tire him out before seeing Mom and his “baby sister” at the hospital. Guess who got tired first?

Big Brother

Big Brother
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Our grandson is now a big brother to his “baby sister.” It was amazing to see how he reacted just after she was born.  He was so careful when touching her hair.  They are going to have a fun life together.  He is going to be a great big brother.

First Night

We just got a call from the hospital.  Dad and son have been sent home and mom is left to relax.  It looks like tomorrow is the “big” day.  It is now between God and our granddaughter when she is going to make her appearance.

Checking in

Our daughter and son in-law are now checking into the hospital.  It is almost time for our grandaughter to come into this world of ours.  We are looking forward to meeting her and holding this new life in our hands for the first time.

A new soul, almost

I got a call this morning.  Our daughter is going into the hospital Thursday evening.  It is for a good reason.  She is to give birthday to our second granddaughter and her name is Marion.  My wife and I teach a baptism class and in it, we talk to the parents about their great excitment and share will them our’s.  We let them know after all of our years together we did not know that we could fall in love again, but we did with our grandson and now God has blessed us with a granddaughter.  More news to come…